PaymentBanc is a risk assessment and payment management provider specializing in electronic payments for veterinary clinics and other businesses. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in risk assessment for financial companies. We have brought that expertise to clinics and other businesses nationwide in an effort to lower the risk associated with payment plans.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Determine the responsible party's credit risk by getting a PaymentBanc credit recommendation. There is no lengthy credit report to analyze. Instead, you receive a credit level along with a payment plan recommendation. PaymentBanc's credit inquiry does not affect the patient's credit score if you are a veterinary clinic or other health related company. This is a great way to win the business of a customer that is a low credit risk but doesn't have cash to pre-pay for a costly transaction.

Step 2: Once you decide to offer payment terms to the responsible party, PaymentBanc will completely manage the account. This means you can offer an office payment plan without creating extra work for your staff! Payments are drafted directly from your customer's checking account or credit card and deposited into the office bank account each month. If the payment fails for any reason, PaymentBanc contacts the responsible party and schedules a follow-up draft. Your client can even print receipts directly from PaymentBanc’s secure website.

What about Wellness Plans?

With PaymentBanc, veterinary clinics have the freedom to create a wellness plan that will keep customers happy and pets healthy without putting an extra burden on the office staff. PaymentBanc will manage the recurring payments associated with these wellness plans allowing each program to have a setup fee of your choice and recurring monthly fees that can renew each year.

PaymentBanc gives offices the option of running simple credit checks instantly, providing valuable information to determine payment plans. Reports and Deposit Statements are available through the PaymentBanc website in order to track payments in a variety of ways and easily make changes to those payments.

Call 888-758-0583 to learn more about how PaymentBanc can provide the best solution for your practice. This is a great alternative to 3rd party financing.

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