The reason we first considered PaymentBanc was dissatisfaction with 3rd-party payer programs. (They charged) high merchant fees, had poor customer service, and our payments were often delayed. What we've found is that, with PaymentBanc, all three of these concerns have been resolved. We don't lose profit to merchant fees, PaymentBanc's reps are always happy to help us and our clients to resolve any problems, and we are paid reliably and in a timely fashion. We didn't anticipate the added benefit: our clients appreciate us for offering a real payment program, not just another credit card.

Heidi Brenegan, Hospital Administrator
Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota

I would highly recommend PaymentBanc and their friendly service team for all preventative Wellness Plan programs. They have provided us with an easy-to-use, comprehensive payment plan system and complete training for our staff.

Patricial Harris
Waldorf Animal Clinic

We have a client who came up with an 'A' rating (which means she probably can pay for her pets services in a variety of ways) who told us she scheduled her dogs TTA surgery with us because we offered a payment plan. Not only did we get a client we might not have had, but this client will also give us some great free advertising.

Maureen Beucher, CCR Manager
Animal Emergency & Treatment Center Chicago