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PaymentBanc offers a revolutionary solution for veterinarians and clinics. We help you assess the risk of each client and you offer payment plans on your terms. PaymentBanc completely manages your payment plans for a small, per-account price and you don't have to give up a large percentage of your treatment fee to third party financing companies.

Testimonials Testimonials

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PaymentBanc has saved practices thousands of dollars each year that would otherwise be lost to third-party finance companies. PaymentBanc gives offices the option of running quick, simple credit checks to determine an office payment plan. Then we completely manage those payment plans via ACH or Credit Card draft and all patient contact regarding failed payments, expired credit cards, etc.

What our clients say about us

We have a client who came up with an 'A' rating (which means she probably can pay for her pets services in a variety of ways) who told us she scheduled her dogs TTA surgery with us because we offered a payment plan. Not only did we get a client we might not have had, but this client will also give us some great free advertising.

Maureen Beucher, CCR Manager

Animal Emergency & Treatment Center Chicago

Who we are

PaymentBanc PaymentBanc is a risk assessment and payment management provider specializing in electronic payments for companies that provide services for a set monthly fee. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in risk assessment and we have been managing payment plans for businesses since 2001.
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